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People rush home 91 square meter Sa month shampoo with one party
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Water meter failure, less than 3 months, with 91 cubic meters of water. Property that water meter failure, but based upon the figures to calculate the water meter shows, Miss Hao feel very unreasonable. On Friday, Miss Hao told reporters that she and the other five girls in year 6 Altay Road, Urumqi monthly living Hao Xiang Jinshan District. "Oct. 25, when the property to meter reading, meter is found broken. MRs we observe two days, after 3 days, we found that water is going very fast. One man used to wash the head to 1 cubic meters of water. the whole adds up, less than 3 months, shows that we used the 91 meter cubic of water, which is impossible. 28, replaced the water meter property to us. "Miss Hao said. Meter is found after a fault, Miss Hao consultations have less pay the water bill and property, but the property does not agree. Residential property-related charge explained: "According to our contract and the water company, we are according to the company pay to the summary table, the total number of the table is derived from the total of each sub-table. So we have only in accordance with the points table shows the number of charges. "the official said. Subsequently, the reporter's phone to get through the Water Authority, Water-related staff explained that "the case of households that can be the first to write a written report to the Water Authority, and Water Authority will arrange for specialized personnel to check the situation." If that is is the water meter is broken, we will deal with this matter again, and can arrange people to repair. "