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Sanchuan Shares Chinas water industry is the leading
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March 17, the Chinese water industry leading enterprises in Jiangxi Sanchuan meter Co., Ltd. (referred to as the "Three River Shares") at the Shenzhen Stock Exchange initial public offering. The total share capital of 3,900 million shares, plans to issue 1,300 million shares. After release, the total share capital of 5200 shares. Currently, the GEM Sanchuan issue has been over-subscribed, in which the Internet pricing issue 243 times over-subscription ratio, net issued under the subscription ratio 65.81 times. Shares formerly Sanchuan Yingtan water meter factory and Yingtan Sanchuan parts factory, the two companies are the three wholly owned subsidiaries of Sichuan. In 2004, the three-chuan group to initiate establishing a three-meter 股份有限公司 Chuan, the main variety meter product development, production and sales, is the largest manufacturer of water meters. The main products are all kinds of prepaid smart meter, remote meter, a variety of wet and dry mechanical water meter, water meter. According to chairman Tong Baohua, at present, "Three River card" water meter to maintain domestic market share with the industry first for ten years, especially in water-meter, intelligent water meter has established two leading products, market leadership, leading the whole water industry, upgrading of technology and products revolution. In 2009, production of water meters 4,710,700 units, of which 2.6918 million sets water-saving water, saving the country's largest water meter manufacturer. Data show that in 2009 revenue Sanchuan 311 million shares, an increase of 12.8%; net profit of 061 million yuan, an increase of 76%; net profit margin of 20%. Three major advantages for development It is understood that the water meter Sanchuan products in the sales of shares, sales, product variety and other aspects of living in the domestic industry leader. According to China Association of meter measurement of the work of the Commission's statistics, the three shares in Sichuan in 2007, 2008, 2009, respectively, to achieve total product sales 3,277,400, 3,816,500 and 4,652,600, total product sales of 2.53 billion, 276 million and 3.11 billion yuan, ranking the second place. Sanchuan shares have been able to achieve such impressive results, and its research and development, sales and brand advantages of inseparable. One advantage, research and development. Sanchuan shares through independent research and development, the development of many leading domestic and international advanced level of new products with independent intellectual property rights of the formation of a water-meter, intelligent water meters and related products for the complete design and manufacturing technology, access to national patent , utility model patents and a total of 20 patents, 14 patent applications received, is the water industry has one of the most patents, the industry has to lead and promote the advantages of technological development capacity. In 2008, access to high-tech enterprise certification, from 2007 to 2009, the company increased R & D efforts, research and development costs accounted for and the researchers accounted for an uptrend. Sanchuan Technology Team shares of technology innovation-oriented enterprises in time into the technical standards for the products of mass production provided a guarantee, so that the technical backbone of the cluster advantages into product quality and performance advantages. At the same time through process innovation, in the premise of ensuring product quality, improve productivity advantages and cost competitiveness.