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Investigate groove guard of drinking water source 4 big pollution not allow to i
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Issue of drinking water safety closes the people's livelihood, does protection of drinking water source of city of Zhejiang lukewarm state reach the designated position? Be aimed at the problem that this one citizen pays close attention to, the near future, the groove guard of drinking water source to whole town undertook bureau of city environmental protection special inspection. The examination case that reported yesterday shows, the water quality inside groove guard of 69 drinkable the source of a river of whole town amounts to mark to lead for 100% , but cultivate birds breeds, the hidden trouble of 4 big pollution such as the pollution that mud of sewage treatment plant of rural face source, town and tourism bring still browbeats drinking water source is secure.

The article that borders with affluent of Shan brook reservoir becomes Huang Tan to press down, it is a famous city that raise a pig, year live pig giving column 120 thousand. Aquaculture contains COD(chemical oxygen demand in a large number of liquid waste of generation everyday) very tall, many liquid waste emit into the water area around directly, water quality of ground of fountainhead of reservoir of brook giving Shan causes bigger effect. Install reservoir of 3 pit for gate, smooth this world in luck likewise ground of fountainhead of village of 50 a unit of length put in cultivate birds to breed a phenomenon. Although already was in in succession at present,these cultivate birds breed punish, but still strength is insufficient, already made the hidden trouble of one big pollution of water quality of our city drinking water source.

Measure the pollution of rural face source with wide bedding face, the hidden trouble of another big pollution that also is ground of drinking water source of lukewarm state city. Inside many fountainhead groove guard and the sewage of upriver villager just passes simple and easy processing, a large number of sewage pass upper runoff or groundwater emits into fountainhead ground. The upper reaches of reservoir of the brook that be like Shan still is living the population of hundred thousands of, to the Shan brook source of water that for the our city 400 much people provide high grade source of water ground bracer comes difficult problem. Plus some closer year come the our city appeared " farmhouse is happy " the development upsurge of travel project, happy project of farmhouse of area of a few libraries is perpetual grow in quantity, ground of water supply source brings relatively serious meal rubbish to pollute hidden trouble. Especially a few swim, the development of the travel project such as go angling, it is to drink to bring immediate pressure with fountainhead water quality more. In addition, mud of sewage treatment plant of a few town pollutes a problem to not allow to ignore likewise. Be like civil the mud of sewage treatment plant of the town that become a county just undertook simple and easy pile up. Ferial in erode in rainwater below, a few contaminant flowed into local water area, cross reservoir water quality to bring certain influence to Zhao Shan.
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