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2 times water supply problem builds cistern to clean a system regularly more
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In Nanjing the attic of building of house of very much vintage high level has various harbour water tank, as the elapse of time, the problem of box of store water of top of this kind of building begins to be exposed gradually come out. "It is not to look not to know really, frighten me dead, which can drink this water. " Mr Lin that lives in made of baked clay alley of small fire of new market opening was mirrorred to morning paper hot line yesterday, he looks to oneself attic cistern inadvertently, the result is astonied. "Building top cistern is so splanchnic that building top cistern drive sb. to his death, drink such water every day, the body does not get ill ability to blame " . Mr Lin is anxious very much to this. After the reporter is investigated, discover, the dweller of building of house of Nanjing most high level is drinkable is the water of store water box, many buildings carry cistern on the head to did not clean disinfection for long, 2 pollution that cause tap water are quite general.

Easy pollution of water quality of 2 water supply

The reporter learns from head office of Nanjing town tap water, because urban water supply has pressure restriction, the water supply of building of dweller of Nanjing high level, small high level used water pump to undertake pressurization almost, namely " 2 water supply " , normally 6 buildings above is " 2 water supply " . 2 times water supply establishment includes the establishment such as tall, medium, low aircrew of a reservoir and accessary conduit, valve, water pump, frequency conversion, baric canister. Because 2 water supply is " water works manages a network 2 times user of water supply establishment " the relatively open link in the process, than municipal canal net water is polluted more easily, cistern (box) if cannot undertake cleaning regularly,manage not to be pooh-poohed, cause 2 pollution of water quality very easily. In crossing a reporter to interview, also understand, travel wife has a word to cry: 2 water supply, pollute 2 times, give money 2 times. To water pollution problem of such the people's livelihood, the citizen often stares at the look on processing of river river fountainhead only, urban tap water is in charge of the control of the net to go up, and oversight the establishment such as the cistern of oneself, water tower, reservoir, have in them a lot of already became the wholesome blind angle that is forgotten.

Influence of afraid water quality is healthy

Mr Lin tells a reporter, they one live 3 times in small fire made of baked clay alley in this vintage high level already 10 the coming year, because he is lived in in 7 buildings, what use at ordinary times so is the store water of building top cistern. Weather of this summer Nanjing is hotter, what he discovers the tap water that pours out of in oneself faucet has a few white is sedimentary, the flavour that rises to still say not to come out a bit is drunk after be being burned, this kind of circumstance lasted a week, knowing later is somebody cleared how does store water box still return a responsibility, tap water good. Before two days, to oneself the building supports on Mr Lin, examined attic cistern inadvertently, the result is astonied however. He discovers cistern did not cover, the pool has a few unidentified floater on medium surface, still insect crawls in Chi Bifei dance. The reporter goes upstairs with him watch, discover the case is such really.
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