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Water north moves Jiangsu south paragraph cut corrupt diversion project is whole
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As south cut of city of Xuzhou of water north attune corrupt diversion project a few days ago start working, water north is moved south east line Jiangsu paragraph 4 cut with definite first phase corrupt diversion project is treated with 102 corrupt full go into operation builds the project, mark recuperate under medical treatment of north of the water austral the move corrupt the pace of the project is accelerated.

Xuzhou city is south water north is moved east line project Jiangsu paragraph treat corrupt key area, jiangsu province is treated 13 times corrupt the Xuzhou in unit occupies 6, the contaminative problem of this area can get settlement, north of the water austral immediate impact is moved east the safety moving water of line project. According to " south water north is moved east line project is treated corrupt program " the gross that put forward dominates an end, the contaminant amount that Xuzhou city land with certain boundaries emits into Beijing Hangzhou canal must is 0.

Always throw 700 million multivariate Xuzhou city chunk corrupt the project will enter diversion of tail water of whole town foul water the sea, in order to ensure south water north is moved east the water quality of the line is safe, and from go up at all the tail water that solves whole town arranges an issue. Before this, the Huaihe River is installed, the cut of Su Qian, Jiangdousanfu corrupt diversion project already got the country is approved and already start working construction. Xuzhou city cut corrupt diversion project basically is to use existing rivers and canals and open partial channel newly to wait, will right east the area tail water with line influential project, undertake collection through project sex measure, processing, time with, diversion, via the sea is being entered after wet processing, make Xuzhou Duan Shui obtains surface water character 3 kinds of standards, the water environment that assures area is safe.

Jiangsu is south water north is moved east the fountainhead of line project, assuring fountainhead cleanness is south water north is moved east the key with line successful project. Basis " water is moved after section water first, treat first corrupt hind water, water is used after environmental protection first " requirement, jiangsu is saved from beginning to end had done south along the line of water north tone is treated corrupt the important step that regards beaded finish condition as construction of protection and zoology.

Water north is moved south east line project will from Yangzhou city river pumping station and treasure should stand smoke bring Jiang Shui, use Beijing Hangzhou the Grant Canal and as parallel as its wadi to be carriage artery and cent artery, chase class to carry water north to send, connect lake of the Hong Zehu that regards tone as store water library, vicugna, south 4 lakes, Dong Pinghu, after Shandong has seen clearly the Yellow River through Sui do as one pleases goes to Tianjin. Line of mainstay is defeated by water amounts to 1156 kilometers endlong, the 90 % of whole trench is defeated by water will be used existing wadi and laky.
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