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Hunan river appears water supply of city of part of along the line of many algae
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Will report on October 27, because the near future is arid little rain, water level of Hunan Hunan river is reduced quickly, algae grows in great quantities, cause a few waterworks filter of city of Xiangtan of Hunan river along the line, individual plant continent to be jammed, urban water supply is affected certainly.

In Xiangtan city Hunan Jiang Daqiao falls, the reporter sees Jiang Shuizhong is floating to show filar yellow algae. The reporter understands 24 days from company of Wu of water of the annulus in be in charge of supplying the Xiangtan of drinking water of dweller of Xiangtan urban district, since October 19, algae appears in great quantities in the filter of works of 3 water of company, filter is jammed very easily to cause filter water difficulty.

Cheng of Yuan of vise general manager of company of Wu of water of the annulus in Xiangtan introduces, these days the recoil of water works filter washs cycle to shorten greatly, at ordinary times normally every 24 hours are rinsed to 36 hours, the most serious now when every 2 hours are about stop production is rinsed.

Yuan Cheng says, water supply of Xiangtan city the city zone is already at present insufficient, river east the in part that only normal water supply measures the zone, in the resident home with a few high relief hydraulic very low.

Monitor according to concerning a section, hunan river individual plant continent Duan Shuizao quantity already was achieved at ordinary times 10 times. The partial water works of company of tap water of individual plant continent is different also degree appeared filter water accepts influence condition. Current, each water works strengthens Xiangtan, individual plant continent on one hand source water and leave factory water water quality is monitored, adjust the frequency that monitor second, close attention alga changes, chloric amount is increased before heightening strain on the other hand, adopt destroy vivid measure, ensure leave factory water quality amounts to mark, take water supply of minute of decompression of period of time, force protects a city to use water uninterrupted. It is reported, company of Wu of water of the annulus in Xiangtan is being contacted buy cation purifier, with will cope with algae.

According to introducing, water level of river of near future Hunan is low, content of the ammonia in Jiangshui, nitrogen is elevatory, little rain of on the high side of temperature of together with early days, drought, cause algae overgrowth. The reporter understands, environmental protection branch is strengthening factories of pair of blowdown of Hunan river along the line supervise, in order to reduce content of ammoniac nitrogen material, restrain algae to grow.

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