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Tap water of slack and unmanned pipe sheds Hubei conduit 3 years in vain
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Conduit of dock of old ferry of wall of Hubei red steel is slack on October 26, already had 3 years of time, but all the time nobody will be in charge of, tap water flows into liquid waste hole directly, "This too regrettablly " .

On October 26 afternoon, the reporter comes to dock of ferry of Hubei green hill, in a few heard outside Mi Yuan " clang clang " running water sound. Local dweller says, a few years ago, ferry dock disuse, but the self-invited conduit as usual that supplies dock is used, because the house is of empty move, dew outside conduit is damaged, bring about self-invited current ceaseless.

"For nothing tap water is so wasteful, flow into smelly ditch directly. " Mr Li weighs local dweller, he once had been mirrorred for many times with water Wu branch, but be in charge of all the time without the person. Mr Li says, tap water outflow has 3 years of time at least, "Loss of 3 annual meeting hundreds tons of water ah " , mr Li hopes to the branch will be in charge of.

The reporter understands, before this, ever the dweller stems with coke bottle conduit, clip conduit with clincher, but these methods are basic not be successful. The dweller says, because there is vegetable plot near Hubei ferry dock, many vegetable grower come with the bucket directly this carries water irrigate dish, also somebody washs the dress here.

On October 26, the reporter calls hot line of company of Wuhan town tap water 96510, the staff member says this area belongs to company of green hill tap water to be in charge of; Subsequently the reporter calls company of green hill tap water again, the staff member says to will send a person to head for field survey, processing.