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Hangzhou desolate hill monitors a station to partake water quality of Zhejiang p
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Recently, center of information of hall of Zhejiang province construction entrusts desolate hill water quality to monitor a station to detect to saving water supply water quality information system has a test, the problem that in asking to will check a process, discovers concerns a proposal to appear in the newspaper in time with what put forward, so that perfect this system further.

To carry out water supply water quality strictly the newspaper sends a system, raise a newspaper to send efficiency and quality, aggrandizement analyses the job to the statistic of water quality circumstance, zhejiang province built hall to organize research and development " water quality of Zhejiang province water supply detects information system " , to ensure the quality of software, information center entrusts relevant unit to help the test work that makes good system. Systematic test basically monitors water quality of station, province to monitor a center by tap water company, water quality 3 administrative levels will be finished jointly. Tap water company is in charge of appearing in the newspaper leave factory datagram is expressed related water, raw water, local water quality monitors what the station is in charge of examine and verify and enterprise of the water supply inside supervisory area to report circumstance of forms for reporting statistics, province water quality monitors a center to be in charge of statistical analysis. In checking this, the station of desolate hill water quality that monitor basically assumes Hangzhou area the examine and verify that enterprise of each water supply reports forms for reporting statistics supervises the work, test time is will come on October 13 on October 21, hall of Zhejiang province construction asks before October 22 will " water quality of Zhejiang province water supply detects report of information system testing is only " the newspaper sends information the center.

Through test of 9 days, desolate landscape pledges the station that monitor discovers 5 problems in software in all, offerred 4 proposals, finished test job in time by the requirement.