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Too lake catchment water quality improves be about to " enter a winter in safety
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The reporter saves environmental protection hall to understand from Jiangsu, this year too condition of lake catchment water quality is overall good last year, blue green alga is eruptive frequency second all be in inferior level at present with the largest area. The expert expresses, turn as weather cool, la Zao's eruptive this year climate condition already not answer exist, can say too lake catchment is about to enter a winter in safety.

Jiangsu saves a government also recently make known to lower levels is relevant file, before making clear a requirement to arrive by 2008, too town of coastal and all organizational system builds the lake sewage handles a works, make along too rate of processing of lake town sewage achieves 75 % above, achieve 90 % above to the end of 2010.

Jiangsu saves data of statistic of environmental protection hall to show, came in January in September, too the chroma of index of tall manganese acerbity salt of lake lake body is 4.3mg/L, total phosphor chroma is 0.084mg/L, total nitrogen chroma is 2.72mg/L, compare respectively the corresponding period dropped last year 2.3 % , 11.6 % and 6.2 % ; Index of integrated nutrition condition is complete lake 60.1, drop compared to the same period 1.6 % , rich nutrition condition is spent in be in. In addition, video data shows satellitic remote sensing, came in January in September too lake catchment blue green alga collects a phenomenon to have 90 times, basically distributing to be mixed in plum bridge lake too lake western coastal. With put what can compare data will come to will be compared in September last year in June, blue green alga is eruptive frequency second drop respectively with the largest area 19.6 % and 44.3 % .

Relevant expert expresses, although improve the result remarkable, administer too the lake still is very formidable task, on the foundation that in control pollution discharges, still must exert oneself is improved too lake ecosystem structure.