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Integrated clean water implement principle and water supply project are medium s
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Summary: Elaborated integrated clean water implement characteristic of principle of theory of flow, design, job, craft and suitable scope.

Keyword: Integrated clean water implement agglomeration precipitates filter

To citing as the development of equipment of domestic and international water supply and people water water quality asks rise, each town try to be the first builds water supply plant. The pumping station in water supply factory is purified it is the important segment in water treatment, whether does water treatment obtain life standard of potable water, it has conclusive effect, what new development goes is integrated clean water implement, will be promoted and accelerate the development of water treatment course of study.

2 〕 of 1 〕 of 〔 of 1 technological process, 〔

Integrated clean water implement call unifinication clean water again implement, will react namely (agglomeration, garrulous coagulates) , precipitation, filter 3 purify a process organic ground combination pledges at same steel inside columnar housing. Again complementary in order to add drug (coagulant) , mix, disinfection, what make the groovy technology of a whole set namely is medium, small-sized purify the equipment that use water. The user should put through only of equipment all sorts of outside take-over (mud of raw water wirereinforced suction hose, catchment, platoon, put empty, recoil to wash, aid the) such as strong canal, clean water implement can move normally below encapsulated situation, give 3.0mg/L of water turbidity ≤ .

3 〕 of 〔 of 2 designs theory

Jiangsu province appropriate begins the hydraulic circulation that plant of facility of the 2nd water treatment develops town (HRP)  clean water implement it is to summing up domestic and international clean water implement design, make, on the foundation of moving experience, reach concerned craft to design theory to design technological process for the basis with hydraulic loop settling tank and fast filter, design housing and component part with filmy theory.

3 jobs principle

HRP - B2 clean water implement it is quartz arenaceous filter the unifinication clean water that treats water of microtherm low chaotic implement. After raw water adds coagulant, blender of classics conduit static state enters clean water implement the wirereinforced suction hose inside, high speed efflux is shown in nozzle of endmost of wirereinforced suction hose, it is thereby all round nozzle mouth generation negative pressure, belt of will active body refuse is mixed into trunnion the first reative cell that shows taper. Muddy raw water and coagulant and active body refuse are in of the first reative cell come back stream, the agglomeration below the action of turbulence, garrulous coagulates. In convert cylinder exit of the 2nd reative cell is preliminary implementation is turbid and detached. Big vitriol flower suffers gravitational action to sink, small vitriol flower is in show pressure in flowing up, be precipitated to inclined tube area by carry secretly, the water after clarifying is in clean water implement canal of circumfluence of classics carrying a layer on the head guides clean water implement issue tube of fast filter, clean water collects a conduit by bottom.
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