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Sewage disposal technology " law of slimy film accrete " popular and northeast
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Sewage disposal technology " law of slimy film accrete " it is Deanji the banner technology of round sewage disposal, be " activated sludge law " and " biological film method " new-style combination fist. This technology already integrated the good point with high load of moving stability of biological film method, cubage, withheld activated sludge law to give water water quality again it is good, good except phosphorous effect to take off nitrogen wait for an advantage.

In recent years, as the rapid development of national economy, urban dimensions construction and dimensions are expanding ceaselessly, corresponding water consumption and sewage quantity also had bigger growth, in China the most northeast tender river also is polluted on certain level. If many sewage without processing, emit into continuously inside the river, its index of each water quality will exceed greatly " pollutant discharge standard of town sewage treatment plant " (GB18918, 2002) the requirement of mark of one class B, certainly will causes tender river water quality to drop, ecological balance is destroyed, pollute people live environment, the body and mind that damages people is healthy, people of drainage area of block up tender river is born the progress of work and production.

According to investigation, at present sewage discharges tender river county the mouth is in 50 meters outside dam of town northwest prevent or control flood, distance dweller is closer, have one dam only lie between, midge fly and bad smell, living environment of people and life quality are affected on certain level; In the meantime, amount of branch line of the catchment inside town is less, insoluble of all sewage remove an issue, 40% what existing conduit place assumes, the city zone of 60% does not have the others catchment establishment, sewage is discharged without constituent ground flat, street, also some passes underground of ooze well infiltration, affect environmental sanitation and urban liaison man badly not only, and also polluted groundwater source.

Accordingly, be based on afore-mentioned a variety of circumstances, begin from 2007, enterprise of famous environmental protection of head of a county of tender river county and team member and home -- round around has had peaceful Bodeanji for many times to contact, talk things over jointly solve problem of technology of local sewage disposal. Recently, xin Wen is in China the most northeast " tender river of county of Heilongjiang tender river presses down sewage treatment plant " celebration of project start working is held as scheduled. In build the treating capacity of this project first phase between bank of urban prevent or control flood and old city bank to be 15000 cubic metre / day, long-dated treating capacity is 30000 cubic metre / day. It is groovy sewage into water, processing gives water to ask to achieve a country to discharge a standard, emit into tender river finally. Construction content is 1 of project of main body of sewage treatment plant, form a complete set manages a network 11 kilometer, among them sewage cut sheds cop 10 kilometers, sewage doing runs 1 kilometer, project estimation total investment is 46 million yuan. Plan laid managed a network 2008 11317 meters, invest 12.48 million yuan, construction team entered the spot on March 20, 2008, this project already at formal on April 2 start, predict October complete.
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