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Beautiful scientist is obtained successfully super- big " Burr is atomic "
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After afterwards Denmark writes Niersi Burr of home of a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties of the name and description of a thing to offer hydrogenous nuclear model before a century, american Lai this the research group that university physical scientist heads will show on July 1, they obtained a diameter successfully to be close to the 1 millimeter, classical and mechanical nuclear model with Burr extremely similar exceed Dayuanzi. Relevant research work is published in " physics comments on wall bulletin " on the website.

1913, burr founded first atomic and theoretical model, he thinks electron around move nucleus undertakes circular motion, if star of person of the same trade surrounds,star flies. Burr's model guides people more thorough ground knew atomic chemistry and optical character, he himself also won nobel prize 1922 accordingly. However, burr is in about the electron in the model all round nucleus on separate course the point of view that has surrounding athletic is final by quanta mechanical and academic place is replaced, latter announces the electron does not have accurate place, present similar and fluctuant position however distributing.

Research group controller, Lai this university physics and astronomical professor cling to in · Denning expresses, be in enough in old nuclear system, the quanta effect of atomic weight class can transform what elaborate for wave Er model is classical and mechanical. The Li Debai atom that he and good of benefit of the small member that comprise send form at Gao Ji and a series of pulse report magnetic field, through operating electronic motion, let an electron appear to be in that way around star like the planet all round nucleus the state that has circular motion.

In the experiment, researcher uses atom of Potassium of laser light-wave illuminate above all, let its be in tall excitation state. A series of short electron pulse that use careful design next come revulsive atom forms an accurate stable construction, order state at this moment " fixed " the electron circles a nucleus to make circular motion on the orbit that is far from nucleus. Researcher expresses, in fact the atomic volume of this kind of condition is very huge, its diameter is close to 1 millimeter.

Measure show, show " fixed " the electron of condition is on many orbit, what its behavior describes with classical particle place is very similar. Denning thinks, their development that no matter be pair of future computers,studies the work is right still classical with quanta muddleheaded learned research, all have potential application value.

This research got the support of the orgnaization such as foundation of department of American scientific foundation, energy and Austrian scientist.