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Shi Ke rolls out WF Next furcate sensor
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Apply a gram (SICK) company announces to roll out product line of product of furcate sensor of WF Next optics. Product line of this kind of WF Next includes a variety of 40 new-style and furcate sensor, a lot of kinds of choices are offerred to use a field in order to apply to in great quantities in furcate width and deepness respect, and use at packing course of study and the label of the course of study that print to detect on the design.

The furcate width that WF Next product line includes has 2, 4, 15, 30, 50, 80 with 120 millimeter, and furcate deepness has 40, 60 with 95 millimeter, all sorts of configuration can resolve the demand of domain of great majority application. The functional characteristic that all sensor have PNP or NPN lead configures, offer fast 4-pin M8 to bind to be installed easily implement. Additionally labour adjusts the person to also can be offerred with demand model.

Shi Ke is the banner manufacturer that the sensor on the world, safe system and automation identify product field, these products basically are used at industrial domain. The company that apply a gram has nearly 450 kinds of patent, make its handle lead position continuously in respect of new product innovation. Product of the company that apply a gram is content shedding, car, pack, electron, food and beverage and every stage of production that material handles trade offer a solution. This company held water 1965, 65 countries have an agency or sell a delegate in the whole world at present.