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Material of main metal canal introduces catchment of the water supply outdoor
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Breed of water supply material is very at present various, our key is to the new-style and indoor, service pipe outdoor material gives the introduction, use the applied place that at present again a few new property rise to give the introduction to going. The room basically uses from tubal material below Baconian introduction:

Material can divide the service pipe outdoor to be mixed for metallic canal metalloid canal two kinds big.

1, metallic canal

Material basically has the service pipe of the metal outdoor with promotion more now application canal of nodular cast iron of steel tube, water supply.

1. 1 steel tube

Steel tube has solder the cent of steel tube and seamless steel tube; It is covering layer with can be being divided for anticorrosion function model, without covering layer model with quality of a material model; Press a wall thick the branch that again common steel tube and Jia Hougang are in charge of.

Solder steel tube cent is helix seam welding and straight solder steel tube, cent of steel tube of helix seam welding solders to bury arc automatically steel tube and high frequency solder steel tube, straight solder steel tube is divided again for common straight solder steel tube and do not become rusty solder steel tube. Seamless steel tube is hot-rolling canal and cold rolling by production method cent (unplug) canal, its precision cent is common and advanced two kinds. Cold rolling (unplug) diameter of the biggest nominal is 200mm, hot-rolling is in charge of diameter of the biggest nominal to be 600mm. Seamless steel tube still has stainless steel seamless steel tube, cent of stainless steel seamless steel tube is seamless steel tube of stainless steel of hot-rolling, hot extruding and cold rolling (unplug) stainless steel seamless steel tube two kinds.

Without covering layer model have without covering layer steel tube, cried normally in the past not galvanization steel tube () of black iron pipe. Quality of a material steel tube basically is to show stainless steel seamless steel tube solders with stainless steel steel tube, it is outdoor big in on conduit water supply, because the reason have not such as cost, join popularizes application,pass.

Covering layer (what basically point to is conduit wall) there is metallic covering layer now model with metalloid covering layer model, metallic covering layer have exterior film covering layer commonly usedly model, exterior pressing shuts covering layer model. What exterior film covering layer middling sees is galvanization canal, galvanization canal also has cold galvanization canal and galvanizing canal, because covering layer is compact and even, adherent,galvanizing is in charge of strong, stability has compared force, still apply in great quantities at present. And cold galvanization canal because not quite compact and even, stability differs covering layer, average service life does not arrive 5 years rustily, appear " red water " , " black water " , iron fishy smell is serious, all sorts of harmful bacterias exceed national life water quality standard for drinking water, each district already was in charge of taboo in life water supply. Exterior pressing shuts covering layer model by production technology differs to also be divided enclothe for physics model compound steel tube and chemistry blow up the law is enclothed model compound steel tube, among them physics is enclothed model clad steel is in charge of what already produced at present to have clad steel of steel answer stainless steel clad steel of bimetallic of steel of canal, copper is in charge of, it is the method that uses physics be heated bate thin wall stainless steel is in charge of or cold Baobi copper pipe passes certain technology to press close it is on wall of steel radical canal. These two kinds of specification that provide material are DNl5 respectively - DN300 and DNl5 - DNl50. Physics is enclothed model link of pipeline of compound steel tube uses special fittings to join more. Chemistry blows up the law is enclothed model compound steel tube has bimetallic multiple tube.
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