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Velar technology discharges the application in turbid processing in water works
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Summary: Use immersion sedimentation basin of works of water of processing of hollow fiber film is discharged turbid, test result shows velar unit is divided outside can undertaking concentrated to discharging mud, detached water still can be answered directly with.

Keyword: Sedimentation basin of works of water of hollow fiber film discharges immersion turbid time with

1 device reachs flow

1.1 technological process
Technological process sees a picture 1

The sedimentation basin inside well suction mud discharges promotion of turbid classics sumbersible pump to enter velar reactor (velar component complete immersion) , fluid of the solid that finish is here detached. Velar reactor discharge of water-turbine pump is 17m3/ D, use intermittent run mode to move, namely every run water pump 12min stops to run 2min. Aeration undertakes when stopping to move (blow to velar surface sweep) pile up in order to prevent mud grain in velar surface. In addition, give water with filter regularly in moving process reactive to velar component, reactive cycle is 48h about. Time in experiment process sampling undertakes water analysis.
1.2 film reactor
The experiment is polyethylene with film hollow fiber film (run 40kPa of the < that press difference, the biggest recoil washs pressure < 20kPa) , enclose its make velar component (velar area is 40m2) hind put one metal recipient inside (the area is.28m2, total height is 3.0m, effective cubage is 3.0m3) . Velar interior connects and receive to water pump air suction opening, two side form the inside and outside of the film below outer ministry atmosphere and the negative pressure action that water pump pump forms press difference (film presses) , in film 0.4 μ of < of diameter of the bead in pressing action to enter the water the material of M is come out by depart, and mud is held back in reactor. Condense mud to be discharged regularly according to its chroma (moisture content is achieved 97% when discharge automatically, moisture content > 98.5% when stop to discharge) .

2 moving circumstances and analysis

The experiment makes clear, it is good that film holds back the effect to suspension grain and colloid (hold back the 99%) that lead > , platoon mud is condensed significantly (the chroma that eat mashed vegetable or fruit heals tall, it is good to condense the effect to heal) .
Velar filter gives water turbidity to be able to maintain inferior level from beginning to end (< 0.35NTU) , filter gives water turbidity change to see a picture 2.

In flux of the film in experiment process [optimal film flux is 0.38m3/ (M
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