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Film tubal form - the technology design of foul water of biology reactor town
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Summary: Be in in on trying foundation, offerred film- - the basic principle that biology reactor technology designs, method, measure. With some dweller village in water is answered with undertook for the target imitate designs computation, discussed the moving specific power consumption of this craft and fixed investment.

Keyword: Craft of foul water of town of velar biology reactor is designed

Film -- biology reactor (Membrance Bioreactor, abbreviation MBR) is membrane separation and the liquid waste live thing that biology handles technology mix and become handle new technology[1 ], have tall to efficiency of organic contaminant purify, water quality giving water good, flow simple, structure is compact wait for an advantage, answer in liquid waste with change a domain to have very wide application perspective with resource[3 ~ 6]. The mature experience that still designs domestic and internationally without MBR craft enlarge up to now and theory, this example also is not had in design manual but endowment referenced. Accordingly, discuss MBR craft to magnify the design has very important project sense.

1 craft designs basic principle

1.1MBR technological process
MBR technological process is shown 1 times like the graph. By promotion into water pump promotion comes after biology reactor mix adequately with activated sludge, make through microbial metabolic activity liquid waste is able to purify. The mixed liquor of biology reactor criterion after pressurization of classics pressurization pump, send velar component to realize fluid solid depart, clear water is poured out of through film; Condense fluid to be remanded to give birth to content reactor, participate in next loop or carry via circular pump fast hind reentrance film component. 

The basic principle that 1.2 enlarge design
Those who be in nearly 3 years is medium during trying dimensions experiment to consider, to MBR technological process each composition unit moves to make an on-the-spot investigation characteristicly make clear: The enlarge design of MBR craft basically should include biology reactor to design parameter to choose, a few respects such as pump system choice, velar component choice.
Of parameter of ① biology reactor choose. A large number of experiments consider to show: Use MBR craft to treat urban foul water, mud bear, bulk bear already was the main index that restricts processing effect no longer[2]. The experience that move tries in the basis, the design basis that can regard reactor of MBR craft biology as unit SRT of retention period of HRT of hydraulic retention period, mud, because of the long-term stability that can ensure craft is operated not only so, and can simplify design process. 
② pump system chooses. The characteristic of pump of the pressurization in MBR craft is lift tall, flow is little; And circular pump asks lift is low, flow is large. Considering the need that pressurization pump and circular pump paralell connection work, the lift of two kinds of pump must equal, namely H
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