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McCrometer rolls out Wafer-Cone flowmeter
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Control of manufacturing site, process and plant engineer personnel discover McCrometer company rolls out the Wafer-Cone flowmeter with agile height, this product is had modular design function characteristic, make its very easy and dynamic fluid state comes to economic basis replace corresponding flowmeter component.

This kind of distinctive Wafer-Cone flowmeter support is had inside the technique of the pressure that need branch that buy fluid state monitors, usable will obtain ± the precision of 0.5% , and retest result achieves ± the error of 0.1% . Liquid or gas apply to on this products plan monitor, and monitor occupy dimensional size to be 0.5 to 6 inches between, it is perfect for all sorts of domains that this makes its make much industry infrastructure to including to arrive from product line of natural gas air pocket, small-sized process.

Change a condition through using self-regulated commutate, this Wafer-Cone flowmeter saves a space truly. It eliminated the need that other needs a large number of discharge to be in charge of continuously in test of similar DP technology, be in charge of in acute orifice plate and article grave for instance etc. This can install pipeline system almost any place, and apply to existing conduit very easily to decorate transform, bring very good flexibility for field assembly, save cost then.