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The current situation of technology of reverse osmosis pure water, development a
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[Summary] the article reviewed the brightness that pure water equipment and its application domain come to domestic reverse osmosis 8 years to develop course; Commented the development of the product in the industry and enterprise; The field researchs in technology of reverse osmosis project, offerred a system the design is as overall as what move optimize mode.

[Key word] system of technology of RO film industry, RO film, RO is designed

One, the history of domain of reverse osmosis technology and current situation
Industry of preparation of ⑴ pure water
With the United States 8 years ago the product of reverse osmosis film of Hai Deneng company enters mainland market to be a mark, engineering technology of preparation of reverse osmosis pure water entered high speed to develop level, industry waits in electric power, oil, chemical industry, metallurgy, electron, medicine, food industry and municipal water supply, straight water waited for civil respect to all receive wide application. Compare with photograph of method of traditional ion exchange, electrodialysis, reverse osmosis membrane method is occupational the majority market share of craft of pure water preparation. Reverse osmosis technology applies the earliest in microelectronics industry to rinse those who use water to make in home take, and the technology that the place of reverse osmosis craft that waters continuously in recent years forms and consumptive tide, from south to north from east to the whole nation is swept across on the west, huge promoted RO technology gain ground.

Our country exchange rate is stable in recent years, custom duty is reduced, foreign film firm competes in the intense price on home market, of moisture of domestic agent price squeeze ceaselessly piece, of product of form a complete set progressively and homebred change, the project cost of the market value that all makes film and product of its form a complete set and reverse osmosis system drops again and again. Meanwhile, my whole national power and company purchasing power increase, individual consumption level rises, gain ground extensively from what promoted reverse osmosis technology on the other hand, promoted water continuously, municipal water supply and each industry industry accepted reverse osmosis technology and its product early or late, formed the important segment that respective industry technology progresses. Had certain stimulative effect to progress of domestic whole industry then.

Product of ⑵ reverse osmosis film
the configuration with respect to reverse osmosis film, the market of hollow film, film tubal form, board type film is relatively narrow, cause American Du Bang company (Du Pont) has stopped his the production of hollow film, japanese Dong Yang is spun (the hollow film of Toyobo) is in domestic sales volume is extremely limited also, and because coil,the pretreatment of type film asks range of fountainhead of low, processing is wide, applied limits extensive, market is huge, make coil type film a few pronoun that become reverse osmosis film. In velar stuff side, as a result of the actuating pressure of film of acetic acid fiber tall, desalination leads low blemish, exit the market basically already, compound film already became low pressure and polyamide of ultralow pressure scent the absolutely mainstream of the market. And the development tendercy of velar product, be forward the way of much breed multipurpose such as film of low pollution film, positive electrical charge, sodium filter film develops.
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