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Be not contact IC to block all of water system of industrial water meter and its
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1 foreword

In last few years, the application that intelligent IC blocks is in our country already very general. In water meter industry, mechanical industry water meter already gradually by embedded place of water meter of IC card intelligence is replaced. Latter occurrence, promoted management department of water natural resources to manage to the science of water natural resources, raised industry to use an utilization rate to water natural resources at the same time. Be not contact IC to block industrial water meter, innovation tradition is copied watch and collect fees problem, convert be not contact IC card to implement imprest fee, finish " water of prepaid cost reoccupy " the advanced mode with the consumption that hold card, reduce labor intensity, managing labour force; Water measures record, plan cost to be finished by the computer, accurate, reliable, seasonable; Encourage an user managing with water. In addition the characteristic that this industry water meter has him more and advantage, make up for current because of industrial water meter little and brought function is diseased, the system is not stable wait for a weakness. As the demand that the society expands, the intelligence of industrial water meter changes degree to still will have bigger rise.

2 designs are summarized

Be not contact IC to block industrial water meter to include two facility. Conduit of a join and embedded underground, put park work station additionally together, both be linked together through serial line. Part of underground of the definition in the system is " base watch " , and the operation equipment that is linked together with its is " the machine that brush card " . Base the watch is in charge of record, computation using water water amount, the machine that brush card is in charge of information examining, the operation buying water of the both and collective user that finish.

2.1 base watch

Base quantity of water of the rest of souvenir collection user, call the police water quantity, overdraw water quantity, these water measure information to be able to use water situation to be updated in real time as the user; In the meantime, circumstance of recombine system work controls those who send water valve to leave jointly, close an operation; Base express time newer record to measure information in the water in FLASH. Graph 1 gave out base the functional-block diagram of the watch.

The 2.2 machine that brush card

Brush calorie of machine, fasten with carry out water all, read write check implement offer together brush card to make can; The working case that its LCD shows the residual water quantity of the user and system are current; The power source module of the machine that brush card gives at the same time base watch and oneself power supply. Graph the 2 functional-block diagram that gave out to brush calorie of machine.
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