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Saiduolisi rolls out LMA100P water portion to determine appearance
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It is reported, the company kneads Saiduolisi added up to brand-new and advanced science and technology to roll out LMA100P, this product is the test principle according to weightlessness law.

LMA100P basically has two module composition, heat and control module. Heat module uses infra-red quartz canal to heat make sample even the ground is fast be heated. Control module can join quadruplet heats at the same time more module, at the same time calibrating 4 same different perhaps sample, increase calibrating efficiency.
Product but accurate measure plastic inside low the moisture to 50ppm; Reduce needless dry time and electric energy loss; Reduce those who note model machine and drier to maintain cost; Reduce percent defective; Improve manufacturing efficiency; Install namely use namely, one key presses type operation.

The course checks, the cost blocking Er with result and accepted international rests titration (Karl Fischer) result conform to; Test method accords with ATS D6980; And fast, professional, environmental protection.
Product standards is as follows:
· checks a method: Weightlessness law
· says to weigh limits: 100g
· reading precision: 0.0001g
· repeatability: ± 0.1mg
· shows precision: 0.001%
· water content tests range: 0.005%-99.995%
· form stores: 300, name set with number and letter
· result stores: 999 independent results
· result demonstrates unit: G/ of dry weight of %/ of dry weight of water portion 100% / evaporates PPM of portion of content %/ water
· power source: 90-250VAC 50/60 Hz is automatic and pressure regulating
· dimension (inch) : (long) 16 1/4, (broad) 19 1/2, (tall) 9 1/4
· guarantees period: 2 years