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NI releases the digitlization appearance of USB bus line and digital avometer
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Recently, limited company of American state apparatus is newest release USB-5132/5133 to digitlize appearance and avometer of word of USB-4065 6 digit (DMM) . Its are cabinet and light, the makes portable, table and OEM application ideal that the character of power supply of together with bus line and Plug and Play makes chooses. In addition, seesaw pattern of accessary NI LabVIEW SignalExpress LE measures this department product software, allow an user need not process designing, can apace undertakes data is collected, analyse and show.

USB-5132/5133 digitlizes the sampling rate of appearance to be able to amount to 50 MS/s and 100 MS/s respectively, have two synchronism of 8 resolution to collect a passageway. These two input voltage limits that digitlize appearance arrive for 40 MV 40 V, cent is 10 archives, and have but process designing dc slants every buy, passageway all has 4 MB board to carry memory, can use at what needing to collect the applied circumstance with greater data bulk. USB - when 4065 numbers avometer installs resolution to be 6, every second but sampling 10, highest when low resolution can reach every second 3000 times sampling. USB-4065 takes segregation of voltage of ± 300 V, can measure the electric current that is as high as 3A, and can choose 2 lines to make or 4 lines are made measure resistance, accordingly, this equipment can answer the test function that avometer of 6 digit word can fulfil all traditions.

The face plate before what should fasten a product to include his is soft (handle software) , the interface is kind and friendly, facilitate be started quickly and move. To data logging application, the engineer is very convenient can be the same as these two products LabVIEW SignalExpress to measure software link to rise. Intuitionistic the framework of the software that uses easily and bus line power supply makes should be the product raised portable measuring instrument further implement use gender and property easily.