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Large requirements heats up metric watch
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Large requirements heats up metric watch

Product number: 008_TY6671
Product value: Valence actor
Product brand: 000
Product standards:
Manufacturing place of production:
Release time:
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Detailed information
Product characteristic: 1, ultrasonic time difference method is measured, tall accuracy; 2, the impurity in getting medium completely, chemical material and magnetic data impact; 3, measure an orgnaization not to have athletic component, never wear away; 4, level, perpendicular, tilt to be installed arbitrarily; 5, dinky pressure loss; 6, passageway of direct form sound wave, signal does not suffer interference; 7, reflection face is not had in sound wave passageway, real flow is not had hold back; 8, type construction is hanged outside integrator, satisfy you all installation requirement. 9, pulse is outputted and 485 interface, can realize data far pass, centralize control. 010-51658470 13911367600

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