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IC blocks watch of water meter radical
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IC blocks watch of water meter radical

Product number: JQS-1_TY8731
Product value: Valence actor
Product brand: Siskin
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Henan is stationed in equestrian inn
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One, use condition: Utility: Use metric the gross that reachs control to shed drinking water of conduit of classics tap water. Use condition: Cold water actuating pressure ≤1MPa presses ℃ of 0.3 ℃ ~40 caustic ≤0.1MPa 2, cold water of error of indication of main technique parameter is the biggest allow an error: In from inside including Qmin inside to arrive not to include the small division of Qt the biggest allow an error to be ±5% . In from include Qt inside in the tall division that includes QS the biggest allow an error to be ±2% . 3, characteristic 1, the moment that system of transmission of valve system valve produces is the 3 times above that valve itself place requires moment of force, because written guarantee,the assurance coefficient of 300% above can prevent dirty, long-term need not, the out of control that foreign matter produces too much is sequential. A. Use B of door of cupreous ball valve. The top job temperature of valve: 100 ℃ C. The technical parameter of valve system: Test condition: Hydraulic P=1.0MPa, when V=3V of voltage of power supply of discharge Q=2m3/ hour (can use power supply of battery of a 18505 lithium) switch valve time is 11 seconds, motor electric current is not more than 60mA. D. When fountainhead pressure is 0.2MPa ~ 0.9MPa, valve switch movement 1000 hind, make valve is in condition involving a powerful person, base watch leakage rate is equal to or be less than a watch the regulation of 2: Express cold heat of Mm 15 20 25 of 2 nominal caliber cold hot cold heat allows experiment of leakage rate M3/h 0.004 0.010 0.005 0.010 0.020 0.030 to prove, because core of ball valve ball is below condition involving a powerful person, hydraulic action can make ball core sealed more severe, carrying fixed leakage rate is to valve have profit (heat up water meter especially, because need a consideration,heat bilges cold shrink) . 2, discharge character uses E B level wet machine core, its discharge parameter is achieved or exceed national relevant specification, especially because use ball valve system, make should be expressed control damage greatly under other structure valve control damage, the favour that manages by tap water. 4, signal collects a system to should use means of double canal striking spring, alternant job, because vibrate,should prevent, backwater and brought metric error, answer at the same time can detect interference of outside magnetic field, make sure mechanical part and electronic part computation are consistent. If have interference of outside magnetic field, canal of two dry spring is sucked at the same time close, control starts program of door of shut off valve partly, avoid factitious pilfer water. 5, carry and store: 1. Watch of water meter radical uses bubble to secure, can assure goods not knock against injury. 2. Water meter should be being packed formerly inside, environmental temperature - ℃ of 5 ℃ —55, store in the environment that caustic gas does not have in air. 3. Water meter stores on goods shelves when, entire case is folded put height not to surpass 5 case. Accessory: Every water meter supplies be accompanying copper makes pipe fittings, nut and balata sealing ring 1. 6, other and applicable with installation suitable scope: With form a complete set of all sorts of intelligent water meter. Installation: 1. Choose water meter line of action, the discharge volume that should burn according to installing the ground and calm. Water meter is unfavorable connect the liquid with mordant belt, and cold water meter is unfavorable connect hot water. 2. Installation position should prevent insolate, freezing, pollution and water flood, the watch damages and facilitate in case copy a watch. 3. Water meter must horizontal installation, make on literal face, arrowhead direction and current way are same. 4. New clothes conduit be sure to wait for silk of the cobble inside the canal, silt, hemp sundry rinse clean reload water meter, lest influence water meter is metric. 5. If cold water meter is installed in boiler path of wirereinforced suction hose is in, should prevent to heat up circumfluence to iron movement of bad water meter, affect metric accuracy. Water meter should not join with conduit directly, should pass between water meter and conduit take-over, static seal, join nut joins. When tearing open outfit water meter, must not pull forcedly forcibly, lest twist bad outside case
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