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Environmental protection is plastic water meter
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Environmental protection is plastic water meter

Product number: JQY-4_TY8556
Product value: Valence actor
Product brand: Siskin
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Henan is stationed in equestrian inn
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Detailed information
This ◎ product is the new generation water meter of my company newest development, material uses entrance project plastic development, belong to water meter of green environmental protection, intensity is high, crust sanitation, avirulent. It is cast-iron trade a product with the generation of casting copper crust, have cast-iron outside the guest outside guest and casting copper's unapproachable environmental protection sex. Goods of ◎ complete set connects exorbitant effect to accord with antioxidant, smooth stability is able to bear or endure Hou modified. But abominable condition issues outdoors to be used for a long time. ◎ is able to bear or endure admirably aspic function, coefficient of thermal conductivity is the 1/200 of metallic crust only, below identical operating ambient conditions, than metallic crust more be able to bear or endure aspic. ◎ is anti-corrosive, do not written guarantee dirty, service life is long, after can absolving conduit knot to dirty jam and Huang Ban, use for a long time do not affect water quality. ◎ installation is simple, have common thread and straight solder model take-over can offer an alternative, choice straight solder take-over, but leave out connect of the silk inside two PP-R, reduce installation cost.