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Wireless far pass water meter
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Wireless far pass water meter

Product number: _TY4984
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Detailed information
The product summarizes wireless Yuan Chuanshui the watch basically is mixed by intelligent water meter far pass a powerful person to accuse the composition such as controller module, the intelligent market that this watch will have bus line to make concentration copy watch function only copies water meter and the virtue market that advance cost a powerful person accuses functional IC to block water meter only at an organic whole, had at the same time copy watch, a powerful person to accuse to mix imprest cost function, this watch realizes concentration to copy a watch not only, still can pass administrative computer to be carried out to this watch, operation involving a powerful person, satisfied tap water company management, copy a watch, collect fees wait for requirement of a few fields. Power source of functional characteristic ◆ : Power source of 3 ◆ : Power source of 3 ◆ : 3.0V lithium battery, working life exceeds 8 years. When in-house n is insufficient, can have complement to batteries through exterior power source. Power comsumption of ◆ static state: <10uA. Price of water of ◆ a flight of stairs: 2 a flight of stairs select 3 kinds of prices, can change at any time. ◆ screen shows: Odd amount, this second amount, accumulative total amount, accumulative total dosage, this month dosage, current unit price, present time, and interference and surplus give an alarm. ◆ surplus controls: When odd amount is not worth 5 yuan inside the watch, water meter will generate give an alarm, set 5 yuan overdraw limits, the user still can continue to use certain water amount after owing cost. ◆ data protects: Controller is in necessary when in saving data exterior memory, assure to drop report in the system, make mistake wait for a circumstance to fall, user data won't appear mistake, in order to protect the interest of the user. Technical index 1, the electron collects accuracy of computation of module part · : The accumulative total amount that collects module and base the poor ≤±0.1 % that expresses accumulative total quantity · power comsumption: Static state≤10uA · consecutive working hours: Buy can charge inside type lithium battery, cut off the power in bus line · communication means can work 6 years continuously below the circumstance: Two lines are made, the communication of bus line of half pairs of result of 4.8kb/s, the wiring · of aleatoric branch copies watch time: · transmits ≤0.6 second distance: 2.0Km · inputs voltage: DC24V · news report is the biggest electric current: Temperature of ≤8mA · environment: —20 ~ 50 ℃ (electronic part) 2, base express a part: · valve service life: Work 2000 times continuously above · valve is slack quantity: 1 litre of horary · open < closing valve time: Xiaoyu is 10 seconds power comsumption of · electric machinery: ≤65mA · of switch valve electric current base express a kind: · of water meter of dispatch of hair of type of ala coming back is wet: Have much velocity of flow of antimagnetic function · : Only then move metric rank of discharge small · : · sends B form dispatch position: 0.01m3 · base the list is the biggest allow an error: A from inside including least discharge to arrive not to include the small division of dividing line discharge inside the biggest allow an error to be ±5% B from include dividing line discharge to arrive inside in the tall division that has included current-carrying capacity the biggest allow an error to be loss of ±2% · pressure: Had been in when current-carrying capacity, the biggest permission pressure loss explains for 0.1MP а : 1, what user place installs is metric 3 watches all deserve to appropriative sends dispatch unit, the metric signal that the device that send message collects transmits cent to collect through 4 core line implement. Collect implement these signal processing is changed into digital signal, store. Among them every are collected implement can receive 1-24 user. Water, report, gas 3 watches can be collected centrally implement management, also can collect management respectively. 2, all cent are collected implement the metric signal after processing is transmitted through communication line advocate collect implement. General a village sets advocate collect implement. If cent is collected implement to advocate collect implement the distance exceeds 1000m to need to add outfit repeater. 3, the means that copy a watch has 3 kinds at present: A, with palmtop computer (palm machine) direct from advocate collect implement on copy to. If the village is not set advocate collect implement also can collect from cent respectively implement on copy to. Palm machine has commonly infrared ray, wired two kinds. Contain inside palm machine copy a watch special software. Palm machine from collect implement on copy close and store after metric data, can join with the computer of business center of company of water, report, gas, can print directly collect fees, or close by bank generation with bank couplet net directly. B, will advocate collect implement the computer that the signal that go up transmits village property center, the computer of property center contains copy a watch special software, can be opposite the water of all users of this village, report, gas uses a circumstance to undertake facing accusing, management, copy close. C, pass telephone network or Internet, business center of water, report, air should be in the office to be able to be copied directly only take advocate collect implement the signal that go up. Copy a watch, collect fees, never leave home, need a mouse only gently a bit. 4, cent is collected implement on can match liquid crystal to show, user but timely the water that looks carefully at oneself, report, gas uses a case.
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