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Water meter of radio frequency Ka Yuanchuan
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Water meter of radio frequency Ka Yuanchuan

Product number: _TY9188
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Product brand: 3 dragon
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One, product brief introduction: The intelligence that the company does at present is far send a list, it is the advanced parts of an apparatus that introduces abroad and thought (especially American TI) , research and development home even the world's banner network intelligence is far pass water meter. Yuan Chuanshui expresses intelligence is the common water meter that send message add the electron collects module and comprise, the electronic module signal that finish is collected, data processing, memory passes data communication circuitry to upload repeater, or hand-held copies a watch implement. Watch body uses design of an organic whole, it is OK real time record user water consumption and save, every water meter has exclusive code, can upload water meter data run a system immediately after intelligent water meter receives the instruction that copy a watch. 1, executive standard: Far pass water meter radical to express executive standard: Use of GB/T 778-1996 2, product: Use at metric the water bulk gross that sheds conduit of classics tap water 3, product characteristic: · bus line makes communication means implement construction department 3 watches data transmits a standard, use two lines to make communication way, interference rejection sex is strong. · exceeds design of low power comsumption to use exceed chip of low power comsumption, overall power comsumption is small, use bus line power supply to impose batteries backup kind, the system is in cut off the power 100 days inside collect module to still can work normally. If encounter,the data with reliable · is saved have an accident or cause line of water meter communication to damage artificially, do not affect water meter regular job and metric, should restore to receive only on communication line, can collect know exactly about sth of water meter place to occupy. Means of · standardization wiring does not have polarity installation of 2 bus line, wiring is convenient, facilitating construction and safeguard. · designs science, the technology is advanced, use telephone network or technology of communication of net of special railway line, trends monitors the circumstance that use water and water to expend automatic settle accounts. 2, electric demand of technical requirement ▲ : Number accuracy: The accumulative total amount that collects module and base the poor ≤0.1% that expresses accumulative total quantity is successive working hours: Buy can charge inside type lithium battery, cut off the power in bus line power comsumption can work 100 days normally continuously below the circumstance: Means of communication of ≤6uA of static electric current: Two lines of C-M-BUS are made, the communication of bus line of half duplex operation of 4.8KB/S, aleatoric branch wiring copies watch time: ≤0.6 second transmits a distance: 2.0KM inputs voltage: DC24V news report is the biggest electric current: ≤8Ma environment temperature: - 20— 50 ℃ ▲ base express a requirement: 1, applicable standard: Type of ISO 4064B 2, sensor: Double canal striking spring sends fast (root or 4 3 down-lead) 3, metric grade: B class 4, the position that send fast: 0.01 5, base the list is the biggest allow an error: A from inside including least discharge to arrive not to include the small division of dividing line discharge inside the biggest allow an error to be ±5% B from include dividing line discharge to arrive inside in the tall division that has included current-carrying capacity the biggest allow an error to be ±2% 6, pulse the biggest allow loss of error ≤±0.3% 7, pressure: Had been in when current-carrying capacity, the biggest allow pressure loss to be 0.1Mpa use condition: Water of water meter job is warm not 50 ℃ hot water expresses prep above working water is warm not prep above 90 ℃ actuating pressure: Do not be more than 1MPa
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