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Mineral water gauge follows attack of spring of farmer of recrudesce of smoke of
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The health master that still did not appease " fountainhead door " incident, let consumer focusing to mineral water this one burgeoning water is planted come up. The international of 2008 China · that ended a few days ago packs drinking water peak to be able to go up, the reporter learns, replace " the classification of soft drinks " , will be about to carry out on December 1 this year " beverage general rule " in, already classify of will mineral water the category of drinking water, and, drinkable mineral water gauge already obtained project approving of national Committee on Standard definitely, predicting the end of the year will be drafted end.

What hold the biggest crosscurrent to this standard at present is " beverage general rule " participate in constitutor spring of farmer of natural water tycoon, bell 睒 睒 is in its president meeting site makes public Shui Feng speech assail of this standard make, bell 睒 睒 expresses after the meeting, will begin on March 1 from last year, farmer spring pledges to the country check total bureau puts forward crosscurrent 3 times early or late, but all did not obtain adopt.

Many transnational corporation produces mineral water

Instigate from 2000 " water is planted big fight " , it is profitless to human body to put forward clean water, begin to do to last year " PH is worth motion " , the drinking water of assail Guangdong is acerbity water, consistent " stand to go alone especially " farmer spring again " not dread " become " industry public enemy " .

As we have learned, still carrying out now " soft drinks is classified " made 1996, set clearly among them " bottled drinking water is sealed do not contain any additive in plastic bottle, glass bottle or other container but direct and drinkable water. " but it is early a few years ago, the transnational corporation that a few have dimensions has begun to add additive agent for food to produce in pure Shui Zhongtian " mineral water " , wait like Coke Cola, unified, health master, Qu Chen. Bell 睒 睒 thinks, these companies are in all the time ignore our country's mandatory statute.

International standard careful mineral to adding

To " beverage general rule " in will cancelling bottled drinking water " do not contain any additive " limitation, bell 睒 睒 expresses, american FDA public proclamation prohibits adding any other part in drinking water, although international Codex Alimentarius Commission allows to add, but did not give out to how be being added up to now a specific standard. That is to say, world Health Organization adds mineral dispute Chang Shen to weigh to be in water. Specific accretion the standard still is in delibrate. Add because this is rushed blindly, put in safe risk.

To this before " fountainhead door incident " , bell 睒 睒 appeals on the conference, hope all and bottled drinking water tags fountainhead, return the right that consumer freedom chooses. As we have learned, international Codex Alimentarius Commission and American FDA ask bottled drinking water should tag fountainhead ground respectively.
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