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Because of,China has nearly 13 thousand infant hospitalization of edible milk po
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According to bulletin of Ministry of Public Health, each district reports the infant that accepting treatment in be in hospital because of edible infant milk powder has nearly 13 thousand person. Premier Wen Jiabao heads for the hospital of Beijing, assure to be able to punish severely problem enterprise to parents.

Evening of weekday of Ministry of Public Health expresses, because edible suffers 3 get together cyanogen amine contaminates powdered milk and the little patient of be in hospital was achieved 12, 892 people, than before 6 what announce, 244 people increase considerably.

The hospital that Beijing goes to before Wen Jiabao sees a little patient, pacify anxiety-ridden parents.

"The person is the most serious is life health, " the word of Wen Jiabao of cite of Xinhua News Agency says, "A the most crucial, the milk products that rectifies after new student to produce namely cannot give any issues absolutely, if reappear problem, should father lawfully add penalize. Such, masses ability is at ease slowly. Masses ability is at ease slowly..

Chinese quality supervisory orgnaization undertakes countrywide liquid state is suckled 3 get together special inspection discovers cyanogen amine, from inside the sample with draw-out place of company of countrywide large milk products, contain 3 get together the sample of cyanogen amine is occupied 10% .

But bulletin of Ministry of Public Health says, suckle concerned case without discovery and edible liquid state.