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Area of Arctic ocean ice shrinks to the most low-level this year
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16 days of reports say research center of data of American country ice and snow, arctic ocean ice covers an area already cut to lowest is worth this year, also be the 2nd low cost since having a record.

The report says, at present Arctic ocean ice enclothes an area to be 1.74 million square only mile (1 square mile approximate 2.59 square kilometer) , for lowest is worth this year. Last year on September 16, arctic ocean ice covers an area low to 1.59 million square mile, it is the lowermost value since having a record.

Arctic ocean ice is enclothed go up in arctic ocean face, its area will be achieved March commonly the biggest; Summertime sea puts melt on the ice, to the area will shrink September to the smallest. The United States begins from 1979, use satellitic observation to record Arctic ocean ice to cover an area.

This year in March, satellitic observation of the United States shows, arctic history is the the longest, thickest " old ice " ceaseless and cut. These " sea of all the year round is put on the ice " once enclothed arctic 50% to the area of 60% , but this year March enclothe an area to still be not worth 30% .

Hai Bing has main effect to global climate, resemble ark of a natural ice already, can reflex sun heat radiation again. But accept the whole world in recent years calefacient influence, arctic ocean ice is shown reduce a current. A few scientists are forecasted even, future arrives 5 years 10 years inside, arctic likelihood occurrence summer does not have extreme circumstance of ice.