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Jiangsu province carries accumulation fund to pay chummage to publish detailed r
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The personnel of new obtain employment that graduation time resents 5 years can extract housing accumulation fund to pay rent, reporter yesterday is superintended from Jiangsu province accumulation fund do know, the relevant executive opinion that by the province construction hall makes already allotted recently, to personnel of new obtain employment limit, extraction forehead is spent, extraction is superintended waited to have unified regulation, each district can make specific executive detailed rules according to actual condition on this foundation, "Let lease of personnel of new obtain employment have a house "

Ensure an object: Graduation time resents 5 years " new personality "

Do concerned controller introduction according to saving accumulation fund to superintend, carry out an opinion according to the province, personnel of new obtain employment basically is to point to graduate from of all kinds school, and the computation since the second month that graduates oneself, the obtain employment personnel that graduation time resents 5 years, reach above 5 years belong to no longer " new obtain employment " category. Conditional area is other personnel of new obtain employment also can prep according to afore-mentioned time limit include safeguard range, alleged " personnel of other new obtain employment " , basically include ab extra the person that work. Extract the utility of accumulation fund, must be be used at oneself or hire with its spouse live housing, do not get move to make him use. Have staff of some of foreign new obtain employment, if its parents family also goes into town together along with him the life, so the accumulation fund that he also can draw himself pays rent for family person.

A statistic shows, nanjing city Changjiang Delta the chummage of 8 areas had risen first half of the year 10% - 15% . The chummage that rises ceaselessly increased economic pressure to city youth, according to statistic, what the crowd of new obtain employment of Nanjing spends the defray on chummage to be equivalent to their income on average is close 3 into, the rent burden of individual person exceeded income even. Extraction accumulation fund pays rent, can alleviate their economic pressure, also facilitate they undertake accumulating to will purchase commodity house henceforth at the same time. Xiaozhou graduated from Nanjing Normal University last year, current lunar income is 2000 yuan come forward, light is add up to the house month hire that hire to need 700 yuan to partake with the friend, "Other classmate is discussing buy a house, can reflect my present condition, put no less than money to come at all " . Nevertheless, the basis saves the new rule in, xiaozhou's accumulation fund has 500 every months multivariate, will put forward to pay rent henceforth, "Assemble money bought a room to have a hope " .

Draw a number: Assure one year to be able to be carried at least

Personnel of new obtain employment draws accumulation fund, a few times can you carry one year? The province implements opinion provision, specific time limit according to this locality by management center of accumulation fund of each city housing actual condition proper motion is decided, the conventional time limit that can rent a contract according to the building already is extracted for many times, the habit that also can hire housing to pay rent by place is extracted in installment, also can press half an year or year extraction. "No matter adopt which kinds of time limit, should assure each years inside can extract at least, " province accumulation fund is superintended do concerned controller to express.
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