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Cancel add of 11 controversies length a holiday
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Whether should 11 golden weeks cancel? Up to 9 days afternoon 6 when, 5709 netizens poll on ocean net, among them 4753 people express to object, scale is as high as 83.25%;873 person to express to hold with, scale has 83 people additionally to feel to concern with oneself for 15.29%; not quite, be indifferent to, occupy 1.45% .

"What is the purpose of national activate golden week? Not be stimulative spending, also not be to pull move inside need, give a welfare of the public however, " Lin Jiang of head of department of Wu of duty of finance of the institute austral Zhongshan university mountain accepted our newspaper yesterdayReporterWhen interviewing, express, "Cancel to take the branch for the root namely at all easily. "Cancel to take the branch for the root namely at all easily..

Strong appeal restores the netizen 51 long holidays

Our newspaper the report yesterday (" the golden week was done not have 51 cannot do not have again 11 " ) the resonance that caused numerous netizen, up to yesterday afternoon 6 when, 5709 netizens were participated in voting, more than most probably the netizen thinks, if cancelled, governable holiday is fewer, TravelAnd come home reuniting opportunity becomes fewer after only the citizen of 15.29% thinks to cancel, ; can add more traditional red-letter days small long holiday, the pressure of each respect such as traffic, environment, accommodation can reduce; to additionally 83 people feel to be indifferent to.

This year 51 before when the country announces to cancel 51 golden weeks, a lot of domestic websites made be investigated on the net, each are big at that time the findings of the website is those who agree to cancel take an in part each with what support preservation. This findings is meant, in holding with the crowd that cancels the golden week at the outset, had had major person " change sides in a war " turn and object cancelling the golden week.

Experienced law of state of large half an year to decide a partHolidayAdjustment people, object cancelling 11 long holidays not only, still begin extravagant hopes to wear whether can restore 51 long holidays, "How many body is in of foreign land work gens is looking forward to can ' often come home look ' , nowadays, crossed the Spring Festival to be about to raise his head and look to come home in order to long for the National Day ability after large half an year. " faceless netizen Baa474118 leaves a message say, "Object strongly cancelling 11 long holidays, strong appeal restores 51 long holidays! Strong appeal restores 51 long holidays!!
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