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Lanzhou, a plot: the spread upstairs, the property maintains the flood water br
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Dec. 18 9 am, who lives next door, Lanzhou Fire Brigade Ma Secret Service received a call from residential property company, called home water pipes burst, flooding spread to a downstairs neighbor. Ma back home immediately and found the kitchen water broke, she thought caused water quality problems. So I called the property theory of company staff, but the property company explained that cold weather led to broken frozen water. The day before Ms. Ma said that there are people living at home, how could freeze the normal room temperature water break it? 18, 17 am, reporters came to Ma home, they were also busy cleaning the house, a stagnant water in the bedroom, 4 cm deep water. Ma told reporters that they are only recently moved, and just finished decoration soon. For the sake of their own work, the family often did not live people, "the day before my brother live at home exam the next day such a thing happened." Ma said burst water has obvious cracks on the glass, "seems to be tremendous pressure to break through, but property is frozen broken insisted. " Ms Ma said that because of leaks at home, leading to a lot of water leaking into the 4th floor neighbor, the specific issue of compensation has not consultation, so she was puzzled that the company trying to shift the responsibility onto the property clean, "they said so I would like to find where to look for what, anyway, broken water is cold. " Subsequently, the reporter saw Shambhala property management company in Lanzhou, a staff member, he said he was the district's guard, is the property company's employees appear on the Ma family, he told reporters, causing flooding is due to the weather is too cold, the indoor temperature is too low, the cold water broke. "It must be cold break, residents decorated their door, when indoor heating, the temperature 30 degrees, freezing water pipes are broken, not to mention their home was not anyone there." The Law Firm of Gansu Kam Wing Yue Rong counsel, to resolve the matter is very simple, as long as the two sides to find experts in this area click on it.