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Meter transformation of the household drinking water is difficult residents blo
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Meaning the West District 4 Building, Building 5, the transformation of water from households, because the basement through the pipeline to be from the owners, individual owners that occupy the basement too much space channels, let through. The network can not be home for docking, a total of 12 residents of two buildings difficult to draft. Although the property picked up in the downstairs temporary water pipe, but water down the stairs to the 12 still living inconvenience. At noon yesterday, the reporter in the sense that the West Area, Building 5, only 3 units in front of the net charge of crossing the water is still not closed, a temporary water points. One resident said three units have six water supply and are 03 rooms in the unit. Has a half months without water, water can only go downstairs to take, particularly inconvenient. "Pipeline needs to individual households through the basement, but I do not allow." The residents think we are all neighbors upstairs, downstairs, should take into account the situation of most people. Why must start from the pipe leading to the basement tenants through? A staff of residential property, residential part of the original design of the house is the case, the original owner is from the basement through the pipeline, the new pipeline thicker, some owners think that too much space, does not want too. At noon yesterday, the reporter saw, Building 5, refused to pipe through the basement of his home owners. He told reporters that his house has two basements, there are channels through which an already completed the construction of space much smaller than before. The owners open the basement, I saw a few pipes from the basement through the upper left. "Small space a lot, did not look good job, so do not want to pick another basement pipes." The owner said he was aware residents have no water to eat, but I hope that can be occupied by his two basement space compensation. According to the property staff, Building 4, also has a pipeline owners do not want to let through from the basement, resulting in six residents of drinking water difficulties.