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Take Measures to enhance the county civil service test meter
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With the increasing scarcity of water resources, increasing water charges, water metering accuracy of public concern has increasingly become a hot spot. Recently, the County Quality and Technical Supervision and Inspection Center around the "people's livelihood, measurement Huimin" special action Set up three tables civilian test stations, test further strengthen water management. It is understood that, in order to further improve the energy measurement of work and enhance the effectiveness of services for the energy saving in April this year centers on the latest purchase of water meter testing procedures metrological verification of new equipment, training of professional water test Staff to ensure strong water meter inspection work carried out smoothly. The first time to carry out water testing, reduce the "run, run, drip, drain" situation rate. Recently meter for more and more people complained the situation, the coordination center to strengthen links with the water company, focusing on civil meter Conducted the first test before use, to ensure accurate measurement of civil water. 5 October 6000 a total of more than just test meter, with a pass rate of 98% or more. The sensitivity of the meter than technical requirements, and timely review Be adjusted to further protect user interests. Increased publicity to raise awareness of water testing. Take many forms, the use of newspapers, television, Internet and other news media vigorously promote the work of civil water test, to send legal communities, into the construction site, into the construction of a single Bit, so that stakeholders understand the state of the civilian "water, electricity, gas," the first test before using the table the relevant policies and regulations, good water meter installation must be certified by the publicity before and supervision work.