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Liaoning: Destroy water meter to draft highest punish 2000
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Liaoning province will destroy the metrological implement accuracy such as water meter or practise fraud henceforth, falsify data, qualitative check branch plans to confiscate metrological implement and total illegal income, be in 2000 yuan of the following amerce.

Yesterday, the reporter does know from province government legal system, liaoning province will come on stage " Liaoning spare water is metric administrative measure " manage with strengthening the metrological supervision that use water, reasonable use water resource, drive a society managing the sources of energy.

Basis " method " (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) , any units and individual deploy metrological implement, the metric calibrating orgnaization that should supervise a branch to appoint to prefectural quality technology applies for metric calibrating. The metrological implement that was not deployed or deploys does not accord with a requirement, plan to supervise a branch to instruct deadline to correct by quality technology; Expire refus does not correct, place fine below to 2000 yuan with 300 yuan of above.

In the meantime, laky water will take Jiang He freely no longer with, " method " (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) put forward, use project extraction water or establishment is direct from Jiang He, laky or the unit that underground takes the resource that use water or individual, metrological implement ought to be installed in water intake place.