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Water meter stands move outside the canal bring 5 auspicious point
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The old-style village that Mr Li lives because conduit year long ageing, the hard to avoid when opening bibcock to use water can see ferruginous. 2 times water supply establishment is transformed nowadays should update conduit, he is in hold with at the same time, when also fearing water supply establishment is transformed 2 times move outside indoor water meter, in him home decorate will by localized breakdown. Mr Li asks to adjoining neighbour, have such idea still be absent a few. Many neighbour say, "Conduit transforms us to welcome, water meter moves to be done not have outside this necessary " .

Mr Li and neighbour people to the doubt that moves outside water meter, basically be think this job is helpful for water supply enterprise only copy a watch, and do not have actual profit to the dweller. Actually, should move truly outdoor is water supply establishs a canal, and no matter return the angle that is economy from technology, construction,set out, outside establishing canal and water meter, move to carry out ability jointly the most reasonable. Outside establishing a canal because of water supply, moved, water meter also is done not have necessary put again indoor. Move outside the water meter that everybody says now, it is water meter is mixed actually establish a canal collective outside a when move brief and common view. Relevant branch chief tells a reporter: Mix water meter establish a canal collective outside after moving, the profit that brings 5 sides to dweller life:

Reduce slack effect: In light of the circumstance analysis that maintains from tap water, the equipment using water such as the valve before water meter, watch and relevant and accessary fittings malfunctions reach slack probability is ambitious at conduit, after will moving outside its, will decrease slack the influence to the dweller; And outside move after establishing canal and water meter, once dweller home is medium,the appliance that use water produces when nobody slack, professional need not enter a dweller source of water can be shut in the home, can reduce the loss of the belongings in dweller home.

Protection resides a privacy: Water meter needs to undertake copying express and changing regularly in use process, still need to undertake maintaining when breakdown or attaint, these jobs after moving outside water meter will in need not entering dweller home, can carry out. Protected the privacy of the dweller that occupy the home not only so, and the illegal action that can avoid illegal element effectively to be carried out for excuse with this.

Eliminate transform block up: Be like water meter and the word that outside establishing a canal to do not have, move, become some resident later need to maintain really in the home or local transform when establishing a canal, must get should establishing all dwellers beforehand approbate and support, an any dwellers object perhaps cannot be being contacted, maintain and transform a project to will not be carried out, and outer move water meter and after establishing a canal, this kind of circumstance general but get sth done once and for ever is solved.
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