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Section water intelligence changes development to innovate 3 plain water meter i
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Interview round member to listening to Jiangxi 3 plain condition of company of introduction of staff member of water meter company

The worker is being operated seriously on automation line

On October 21, "In constant · Jiangxi of media of network of the 5th China goes " large interview round group to visit Jiangxi 3 plain water meter Inc. . Producing a workshop, reporter everywhere sees an excelsior company culture atmosphere, be this kind of culture is driving an enterprise to be on a small water meter domain achieved great progress, noisy praise the whole nation.

Jiangxi 3 plain water meter Inc. only then built 1971, it is a professional company that has more than 30 years of water meter to produce the history, enjoyed to catchment industry in the whole nation taller famous degree, be saved by Jiangxi for years continuously business management association awards Jiangxi to omit name of advanced company and quality benefit company. Water meter of 3 plain cards still has the honor to win Jiangxi for many times the province is famous brand product, light industrial famous brand product, key protection product, ministry is high grade the honorary title such as the product, have 27 patent technologies.

This company passes old rapid development, water meter is produced per year can 6 million. Water meter product by common and mechanical water meter to section water model, intelligence changes directional development, main line of the products has section water water meter, intelligence to block type water meter, network water supply of condominium of Yuan Chuanshui watch, multichannel, for catchment application software technology. The enterprise measures environment of administrative system attestation, ISO14001-2004 to manage systematic attestation through system of management of ISO 9001-2000 quality, ISO 10012-2003. The product enclothes city of countrywide all province (Taiwan except) , company comprehensive strength is in home to precede with the industry position, domestic sales volume and market are had rate rank front row of person of the same trade.

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Interview round member to be in Jiangxi 3 plain water meter company is interviewed

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