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The water supply outside the special zone end 2011 will copy Shenzhen city the w
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The reporter will learn from bureau of Wu of Shenzhen town water on October 20, according to Shenzhen municipal government recently of print and distribute " the opinion that about Baoan Ou Longgang area and feed pipe of promising new developed area net construction invests and defends management " , shenzhen city will accelerate the feed pipe outside the special zone the net transforms strength, predict by 2011, will finish all water supply that include joint-stock company inside entirely " intermediate layer " manage a network transform, implementation copies a watch to arrive door. At the appointed time, net leakage caustic leads the feed pipe outside the special zone will fall to 10 % the following, water quality tubal a network achieves the requirement of national water standard in the round.

Hydraulic water measures water quality 3 big questions must be solved

Bureau of Wu of Shenzhen town water says about chief, as a result of historical reason, our city Baoan, Long Gang and promising new developed area build in feed pipe net and manage a respect to exist a lot of problem: It is lag of construction of feed pipe net, net of branch shape canal is more, the tubal net of inchoate construction does not accord with a program to ask, hydraulic water estimates water supply fraction is small; 2 it is feed pipe net is in charge of diameter to slant small, conduit quality is poorer, manage material disorder, partial valve cannot be used normally, cause water supply specific power consumption big, leakage caustic rate is high, big to water quality influence; 3 it is to be put in a large number of water supply " the layer intermediate " , especially the issue of feed pipe net of joint-stock company management is outstanding, still the village with more amount to runs urine plant, its are in charge of a net to build optional sex strong, management is confused, quantity of water quality, hydraulic, water is couldn't get assure, and existence chaos collects fees phenomenon, the user is complained more.

This chief says, at present Shenzhen city is establishing section water town, check a level according to section water city, rate of caustic of leakage tubal a network must be controlled in 12 % less than. Water quality respect, the water standard with new nation already was promulgated in July 2007, project of partial water quality already began to carry out, arrive to will be carried out in the round 2012, new water quality detects the project achieves 106. With Baoan, Long Gang and feed pipe of promising new developed area the net builds the current situation with management, cannot make sure rate of caustic of leakage tubal a network and water quality amount to mark at all.

Inside 4 years invest every year 3. 400 million yuan transform tubal net

" opinion " the construction of the net invests the feed pipe outside making clear a special zone means: One, build aspect of project of feed pipe net, net of conduit of source of part of reservoir upper reaches invests by municipal government sum, reservoir invests by district government sum to net of conduit of water works source, water works is in charge of building by water supply enterprise to the feed pipe net of the user, the feed pipe network that builds with municipal road synchronism invests main body construction by road; 2, the current situation is municipal respect of feed pipe net, if need to transform, its feed pipe the net transforms investment main body to invest along with all the others by road, build at the same time, the others is in charge of investment by water supply enterprise, inside 5 years be opposite every year the conduit of 75 millimeter above leads the diameter newlier to not be less than 2 % ; 3, the feed pipe net inside limits of joint-stock company government transforms a respect, after belonging to urbanization of villages, be opposite of infrastructure of raw country water supply transform, transform capital to be given priority to with governmental investment, reach industry of the water supply inside the area by government of city, district according to 1: 1: The scale of 1 has investment, it is clear at the same time inside 4 years, two districts government presses Baoan and dragon hillock every year each 1. 500 million yuan, promising new developed area presses 40 million yuan investment dimensions every year, make feed pipe net transform program; Each district government should assure what the area invests capital to fulfil, the investment of capital of company of supervisory water supply; By each district government responsible organization carries out tubal net to transform, tubal net is transformed be opposite by water supply enterprise at the same time inside joint-stock company multilayer residential user is executed copy a watch to arrive a job.
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