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Chang Ji carries out the water meter that insert card to encounter block citizen
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Come 10 years, the Li Da's Mom that lives in prosperous of city of Xinjiang prosperous auspicious to establish a garden rises in the morning everyday the first thing, move the faucet of toilet and kitchen namely the smallest, let water enter the tun that gets ready ahead of schedule in.

The faucet of toilet of a resident is going to Chang Jianhua garden of prosperous auspicious city water of the drop in bright red bucket.

"This kind of practice that steals water is in prosperous auspicious city very general, nearly one year of loss 4 million stere water, and tap water company tried to carry out the water meter that insert card to check last year this phenomenon, but the user that is willing to transform is very few. " on October 14, total industry of horse of company of water supply of prosperous auspicious city tells inferior heart network reporter.

Use water gross to often be opposite to total water meter and water meter of each resident home, the property company that this makes at first acting receive water to expend very headache. A controller of company of Hua Yang property tells inferior heart network reporter, the company is acting all the time collect fee of village resident water, but balance of water consumption total presence, and resident does not want again apportion. Although have every stere,0.02 yuan generation collects fees, but property company draws out mouth of cash supply a deficiency, be forced to forgo acting fee stopping water to later. Current, prosperous auspicious city the user using water of 75% is water supply him company collection, because personnel is finite, the charge of 50% cannot be received.

Run risk a leakage circumstance company of serious, property takes the place of no longer again capture water cost, make water supply company begin to carry out the water meter that insert card to transform a project in whole town from 2007, however the project has difficulty walking at the beginning.

Ma Chunlin of general manager of water supply company tells inferior heart network reporter, will arrive in October from last year this year in October, water meter of whole town cent shows the gross that use water is mixed differ actually with water 4 million stere, 30% what take real water consumption, exceeded the balance range of the 12% less than that the country sets. At the beginning of last year, water supply company begins to carry out water meter to transform a project, but because collection of every water meter is close 400 yuan charge (include water meter and desired effect cost and installation cost) , mostly the citizen is not willing to pay this part fee. And it is difficult to be transformed because of conduit, a building has not to wish to transform, whole building is carried out very hard. Current, only individual village installed such intelligence to change water meter, transform a number to return less than using water total 10% of a number.
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