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Put out bibcock water meter to still turn ceaseless
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Recently, mr Wu that lives in the village in Xi Chengxiu is very depressed: All water in the home closed, water meter still is turning ceaseless unexpectedly, call a person to was checked, cannot find a problem to go out namely in where.

Mr Wu says, the house was bought 2005, renting a few this years all the time. He plans to move his to live this year, decorate with respect to preparation, when receiving conduit, he discovers inadvertently, the faucet in the home closed, but the finger on water meter still is in circuit circuit ground idling. He looks for the water electrician of the village, searched in the home, also did not find which place slack. The person of tap water company also came to look, do not have fish the reason why comes.

Receive after complaining, yesterday, reporter group came the village in the Xi Chengxiu that is located in lotus road. Mr Wu lives in first floor, water meter has gone out door, installation is inside the wall of corridor, below the case that did not open any establishment that use water, the computation gear of water meter still is turning.

Classics of group of city water supply opens an area the severe master of metric service center says, he has looked to the spot, after closing the valve that drink water, water meter did not turn, this specification is not the problem of water meter, leakage dot should be in Mr Wu home, according to the regulation, they simply the part before water meter, the part is in charge of by property after water meter. The reporter gave a village property government point case report, poplar surname chairman represents, had not received the report of Mr Wu, and this kind of thing and property did not concern, should go seeking tap water company.

When does water meter begin an idling, loss how many water, does the water that delivers in vain expend this who buys sheet? Mr Wu has a lot of doubt, but what he cares at present most still is: Who can help him solve the mystery that opens water meter idling?