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Kunming water supply will " an one watch, water meter goes out door "
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Yesterday (on October 9) , give birth to vivid be closely bound up with the citizen " feed pipe of Kunming city town manages byelaw (draft) " submit to standing committee of city National People's Congress is discussed, " byelaw (draft) " wait clearly to need cut off the water supply truly because of maintenance of engineering construction, equipment, announcement user shifts to an earlier date 24 hours even after the newspaper is approved. Rush to repair exceeds 24 hours still irreclaimable water supply, ought to take step of lash-up water supply.

" byelaw (draft) " clear, price of communal water supply abides by the city compensation cost, reasonable profit, managing the principle that uses water, fair shoulder, execute governmental price to manage. Unit of communal water supply ought to hold the city safe, successive, steady water supply, do not get cut off the water supply of do sth without authorization.

" byelaw (draft) " clear, build the house ought to according to " an one watch, water meter goes out door " requirement design and establishment of construction water supply. Kunming town is not little old dweller village up to now still continue to use presses total water meter metric, each apportion water is expended or total water meter and the branch that are set in dweller home express the issue with abhorrent gross, make embezzle the charge of water supply person made the same score booth to give abide by the law the person that use water. Accordingly, solve urban water supply " an one watch, water meter goes out door " the problem is imperative. According to introducing, "An one watch, water meter goes out door " it is to show a family installs a metric water meter, install water meter the public position in the residence, unit of urban water supply presses a meterage.

Be aimed at the problem that steals water, " byelaw (draft) " clear also, embezzle the city is communal of water supply, ought to stop to embezzle instantly behavior, demolish embezzle device, the product that provides value of diameter discharge, time, water by unit time plan pay water cost, to embezzling time cannot maintain, according to not less than 180 the day is not calculated 360 days over; dweller uses water door daily 6 not less than hours not user of dweller of blame of; of computation of 10 over hours according to daily business hours or the 2 times computation of working hours.

User exceed the time limit not pay water expends, water supply unit can agree according to the contract to owing cost the user stops water supply, put on record with department of administration of times water supply. After water supply unit receives cost of the water that owe pay and penalty due to breach of contract, water supply renews inside 8 hours.