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Is water meter transformed why need not block type intelligence water meter?
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Mr Zhao of allied village: Our village is undertaking water meter goes out door transform a project, have to this dwellers some " view " . Construction personnel dug a lot of trench in the village, why to disappear tardy finishing? Calorie of type intelligence water meter that why need not facilitate to transform this? Multilayer residential building can transform water meter outdoors, to be in high-level residence is upstairs for living dweller, the underground outside still suiting to make water meter to the building? Bury water meter to underground additionally, the winter can freeze bad, can you cause pollution to the environment?

At this point, an one watch transforms head office of city water supply chief explanation says related project office, a when will begin to be carried out formally May from this year one watch is metric piece door transform a project, undertake according to the unified arrangement of municipal government. About intelligence (card type) the use problem of water meter, relevant section ever also tried to use, but discover its performance is not quite steady, "In the water that the electromagnetism a powerful person of intelligent water meter immerses for a long time to in feed pipe, time grew phenomenon of meeting occurrence malfunction, this is a difficult problem that still overcomes hard up to now. " transform to the water meter of high-level residence, this controller expresses, won't move water meter again downstair, make full use of however the conduit well between Lou Yu and public position, center the water meter of each resident in these local installation. Multilayer net of the canal before resident building is transformed, transform water meter to outdoors underground, be mature arrived problem of winter prevent frostbite, "Won't appear to freeze in the winter the problem of bad water meter, ask broad resident to be at ease. Ask broad resident to be at ease..

This controller expresses, carry out an one watch to transform the old house village of the project, can offer application by committee of village property, owner or property right unit, construction personnel can be in charge of construction transforming end. "We also hope broad citizen transforms a project to display character to make suggestions to this, had completed this project smoothly jointly. Had completed this project smoothly jointly..