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Department of golden town water carries out 2 class to copy a watch to make chec
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Manage to strengthen urban feed pipe, master water to measure for accepting scale, make a thorough investigation of leakage tubal a network loses true condition, recently, company of Wu of water of town of gold of city of Henan province clever treasure is right water door water meter is used inside the city zone undertake 2 class excerption, execute double managing, show better effect.

The city zone states with water of class of water district just a little number is undertaken excerptioning by the division that copy a watch above all. Excerption every months twice, date is every months of 9 ~ 13 days, 24 ~ 28 days. After undertaking contrasting analytic with water measure to the corresponding period, want to draw up to the company water measures numeric difference to analyse a report. Then, by the company unripe ability division states to various water number undertakes answer copy. The data that copy a watch and the data that copy watch division newspaper to come undertake comparing is opposite, computation goes out on period, this period leakage dehydrates quantity and leakage are broken rate, issue list, report company each director and division of valve of look forward to, to lead check and ratify to manage a network leakage breaks degree and research relevant measure builds character to make suggestions.

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