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Does one party water do meal water meter to resembled growing fleet-footed how?
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Will live in Jinan on October 8 Mr Li of De Shengna street encounters an odd trouble: The water meter of own home does not know what reason, accelerated rate suddenly. Many days of 20 nobody is in a month, the water consumption that month achieves 124 actually, fully tower above as one used to do 10 times much still.

On October 4, mr Li receives a requisition that use water: September, the water consumption of their home achieves 124 unexpectedly. "Below normal circumstance, we a water consumption of a month at most also 10. " Mr Li tells a reporter, there is 20 many days last month oneself are away on official business outer, wife and child also return old home, use so much water how possibly. The water with face logarithm huge specified amount expends sheet, mr Li was frightened indeed jump. He examines the equipment using water of own home carefully, have slack place without discovery.

Mr Li introduces, after the village that oneself live will undertake an one watch is transformed July last year, the circumstance using water of his home is normal all the time, why to stay to be less than 10 days in the home last month, does the meeting that use water add more than 100 suddenly? That evening, mr Li calls to seek advice to group of Jinan water supply: The member that whether to copy a watch checks wrong watch? The following day midday, the personnel that copy a watch comes his home again, via examining, the water consumption that month is 124 really.

Understand how to return a responsibility to do, mr Li begins to take care those who have him home to use water case. Before making dinner 5 days night, he was examined one water meter shows is 165, etc finish water meter looks again after dinner, ran actually 166. "Did a meal, our home used a water actually. " Mr Li feels too mysterious.

8 days morning, the staff member of group of Jinan water supply comes to Mr Li home again, but also fail to find out specific reason. The staff member says, observe 10 days again, treat the condition that water meter runs, if still be so fast, tear open water meter come down to detect. If water meter has what problem, say again to moment.

8 days afternoon, the reporter comes to Mr Li home. The wife of Mr Li reveals her to the reporter a water cost requisition of nearly a few months. The reporter sees: The water consumption before September did not exceed 10, and the water cost September is writing 124 awesomely on requisition. Reporter to turn on a faucet of her home, discover water meter runs quite quickly, and below similar case, the water meter of neighbour home runs much slower however.

So far, mr Li home has not paid the water fee September. "Water meter ran more so much, did the water where that runs more go? Who does the water that comes out more expend to be in charge of? " Mr Li says, make money with water perfectly justified, but this water cost must be handed in obviously for nothing, where because this must be cleared up after all first,gave an issue.
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