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Detect water meter why so difficult?
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■ stuff of hot line newspaper

On September 1, cheek of city of dark blue state and tap water of doubt of manorial village owner express reading to have by accident, complain to qualitative inspect branch. Village property manager informs tap water of the company, the hope demolishs water meter to do detect further, the other side does not deserve to close however. Till September 3 afternoon, this just is pulled down by the water meter of owner doubt.

■ accident: The village measures water meter error oneself 18.5%

Cheek of city of dark blue state and Yang Xiaohua of manorial property manager say, 45 months come recently, the village uses water ton the number that number always gives out with tap water company is opposite on. to make clear water meter is put in the problem, property staff member uses him " earthy method " did detect. They put out a village all valve that use water, technical labor one pool water detects water meter reading, the result measures an error oneself for 18.5% .

■ setbacks: Company of the water supply after complaining does not deserve to close

On September 1, yang Xiaohua complained this one circumstance technology of quality of city of dark blue state supervise bureau, inform tap water company of the clique to the person demolishs water meter, but tap water company does not deserve to close however. "They will say to do not have time on September 1, agree 2 days to was torn open at 9 o'clock in the morning. The result tells us 2 days again, tear open the water meter that come down to must be done by tap water company detect, give a village cut off the water supply otherwise. " Yang Xiaohua tells a reporter, she is more than make known her position, if water meter does not have a problem,say, all charge are assumed by property, but the people that does not see tap water company namely.

■ result: Water meter classics detects the error is 14.2%

3 days 17 when make, tap water company sent a person to demolish the water meter that oppugns by owner eventually. Water meter is torn open after coming down, of supervisory bureau of technology of quality of city of dark blue state execute the law personnel spot undertook sealing up for keeping, associated province subsequently unit of measurement spreads out detect the job.

On September 5, metric division Li Qingsong's section chief calls bureau of qualitative inspect of city of dark blue state our newspaper says, via detecting, cong Yi and manorial village pick taken water meter error for 14.2% . According to the regulation, water meter should be 0 errors, permission error range is 2% .

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