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Closing faucet water meter still turning
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Urumqi is online dispatch, the house that buys newly was not entered, faucet also does not have slack phenomenon, but water meter is in however " rotation " , water consumption exceeds inhabited other people even, this lets Urumqi hear a lady very feel puzzled.

Hear a lady to say, in one residence village 19 buildings purchased a bridal chamber last year, after decorating, did not enter all the time. From July 2007 up to now, water meter shows already used 79 water, average every months 56, and her neighbour home somebody lives, every months of ability uses 3 water. Before half month, she discovers accidentally, the water meter of own home is met rotation of for no reason.

Heard lady of dragon of lady home face each other to also reflect similar problem. Dragon lady says, this unit and him home situation share 4 identically.

On September 16, the reporter will to dragon lady home see, all faucet are shut, but water meter finger lies between a few seconds to be able to turn circuit. Dragon lady says, need not when water, water meter when when turning, stop, "Last weeks turn more quickly than this. "Last weeks turn more quickly than this..

The reporter contacts company of this village property with respect to this matter, company property is in charge of Mr Ma to say, have 4 families really with respect to water meter " rotation " the problem is complained to property, property respect also sends plumber to had detected, but not fish water meter " rotation " reason.

"We will look for technical personnel to undertake detecting to the water meter of home of these a few owner tomorrow, looking is occurrence problem of water meter quality, detect the result will come out in nearly two days. " Mr Ma says, water meter " rotation " the phenomenon also may be by closestool, underground conduit changes his costume or dress the reason such as the slack ooze water that cause causes.