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Energy-saving promotion uses section water double entry water meter
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Our country is the country that natural resources of a water is in short supply, what water natural resources is in short supply to had become economy of our country countryman and society to be able to develop continuously is important restrict an element. Construction is managing model society, section water is to solve the strategic act with the the most essential, most active issue of shortage of natural resources of our country water. Construction is managing model society, be helpful for unified managing strengthening water natural resources, raise water natural resources to use efficiency and benefit, increase further can expand capacity continuously; Be helpful for protecting aquatic condition and water environment, ensure water supply safety, improve the life quality of people; Be helpful for going up to build fair and effective allocation to coordinate a mechanism to solve problem of shortage of water natural resources from the system, stimulative water natural resources manages. Create a company as a water meter, be compose to build socialistic harmony society to make positive contribution is very significant, also be very necessary.
To the feed pipe net with huge today city, circumstance of small-bore section water water meter gains ground to fall in the market, the metric limits of large requirements water meter and metric precision are the focus that water supply enterprise pays close attention to very all the time, fall in the state that is not water supply of successional large flow especially, the water that often is put in lesser discharge is metric and missing phenomenon. The market is at present pressing water of section of demand large requirements water meter. To answer the section water that the country advocates society, strengthen the water natural resources that the net extends feed pipe of our country city ceaselessly and large area enclothes to consolidate management, raise the utilization rate of water natural resources, ensure the fair sex of water supply safety and water of supply and demand further, the national patent product that the wide span that my company rolls out recently compares -- water of double entry section water meter (common says child the mother is expressed) solved this one difficult problem effectively.
Current, norms of model of the water of section of double entry of 3 plain cards that my company rolls out water meter is LXF-80, 100, 150, 200, itsIntegral structureBe byLarge requirements inserts type water meter to give priority to a watch(The mother is expressed) set in mainstream path to go up, water of metric mainstream path is measured, Small-bore water meter is deputy watchNamely bypass water meter (child watch) set in advocate watch a side connects body to go up, metric byway water is measured and3 much comprise a powerful person of discharge changeover control. Its job principle: The size automata current that by discharge basis of changeover control a powerful person sheds to be measured via water has shed bypass small-bore water meter or had flowed at the same time advocate road large requirements advocate water meter, in water consumption hour, a powerful person of discharge changeover control is in close position, by deputy watch metric, advocate the watch is not metric; Namely discharge is worth certainly more than (Q
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