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Reside old person month to use water alone 24 tons of water meter are constant r
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A person uses it doesn't matter of on 34 tons of water every months but strange, but if rank an old person alone,a many month uses 24 tons of water, a bit strange. 21 days, the Guo Yibai of village of Wuyi spring dawn tells road of the county after living in drum-tower area the reporter, he encountered such oddity.

Guo Yibai says, he lives alone, use water rarely usually, often also not be in the home. In August the first ten days of a month, project of a in the village one watch begins water supply. Before two days, he checks oneself water meter, him discovery amounts to 24 tons unexpectedly with water.

In Guo Yibai's home, the reporter sees, besides need of daily and basic life, for example the water heater of toilet, the faucet in the kitchen, guo Yibai uses water rarely. A pail of bucket is being placed to install water in the corner of the hall, it is Guo Yibai is daily and drinkable. The reporter comes to toilet again subsequently, see there is a bucket on the ground, there is life liquid waste inside, guo Yibai says that uses strong commode. The washing machine that is put on the balcony has been enclosed with hop-pocket already. Guo Yibai expresses, the summer because the clothing is lighter less, he is the hand is washed commonly. Often go out by day plus oneself, he does not know he is how to be in a many month from beginning to end, use 24 tons of water.

The reporter observes down conduit, did not discover slack circumstance. Below the circumstance that ensures to water was not used in the home, reporter and Guo Yibai will to water meter box be in. The reporter observed have 10 more than minutes, discover water meter a paragraph of small time meets every interval run by oneself, and of photograph adjacent other 6 water meter do not have this kind of circumstance.

Guo Yibai says, before paragraph the resident with upstairs time once also had appeared similar case. Later, after the staff member of tap water company will had been repaired, the problem got settlement. The reporter dialed the customer service telephone of tap water company subsequently, customer service personnel expresses to be checked before the member that they can be sent as soon as possible.