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Is lunar water cost close 2000? Water meter breakdown but agree only " is hit 8
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"Water consumption 987 stere, amount 1016.61 yuan; Era receives catchment to expend 799.47 yuan, add up to 1816.1 yuan. " receive the water last month to expend sheet, mr Zhang that lives in Jiang Chengyuan of loose river area became foolish eye.

Mr Zhang is Jiang Chengyuan the landlord of 25 some rooms, house lend-lease 3 girls, at ordinary times cost of every months of water is controlled in 40 yuan. At the beginning of September, water consumption discovers when the industry that copy a watch comes to copy water meter " very incorrect interest " , the discovery after the examination is water meter bad, changed a new water meter for Mr Zhang.

After will receiving that piece of water to expend sheet on September 8, mr Zhang goes to the tap water company of loose river area for many times bargaining, 20% what the other side weighs OK and subtractive error, can with " dozen 8 fold " , but still should pay 1000 multivariate. As to that only bad water meter, the company does not agree to return Mr Zhang. After all this water meter gave what state, mr Zhang up to now unidentified.

The reporter understands from company of loose river tap water, home Zhang is former that water meter has trouble truly, expend as to water of high specified number from why and come, they are not clear also, can with " the likelihood is closestool slack be caused by " will reply. The other side still says, if Mr Zhang has an opinion, must mirror to upper section.