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Water meter is metric manage with water supply sale
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Job of water supply sale is water supply produce in the enterprise, for, in selling 3 element " annul " element, enterprise of since water supply finishs the main branch of sales revenue, it is the main bridge between enterprise and user and window. Of sales revenue more or less matter to an enterprise directly live with development, buying and selling is metric whether correct, service is direct mattering to company image and user is the governmental evaluation to the enterprise even. Accordingly, job of water supply sale appears more and more important in the position in water supply enterprise and action. And water meter (contain flowmeter, similarly hereinafter) metric management job is water supply a very main base in sale management job supervises the work. The article only with respect to water meter metric management job serves medium position and action to spread out simple treatise in water supply sale.

One, water meter of water supply enterprise is metric working importance

Above all, interior of water supply enterprise manages the job to cannot leave water to express metric management job.

China has an archaism: Half the analects of confucius governs the world. In water supply business management, I think a formula can administer most water supply enterprise. This formula is: Caustic of leakage tubal a network leads = (the quantity that make water - carry out water is measured) / × of the quantity that make water 100% .

The connotation in this formula is quite rich. The quantity that make water involves the link that make water, carry out water is involved do business (copy a watch to collect fees) link, rate of caustic of leakage tubal a network involves project link, these 3 link had covered the greater part of water supply enterprise to assign working content. Again extend the meaning leaves in light of, the quantity that make water still involves the internal economy of the factory that make water to check link, wait like unit power consumption. The segment of extend the meaning of place of carry out water is wider, include cost of the link that copy a watch, water to reclaim net of development of dimensions of derate of quantity of rate, water, water supply, client, canal is outspread wait for link. In general business management, these 3 index can check different branch. 3 branches work from oneself duty or it is to assess means to set out, all have different expectation value to these 3 index, make water department for instance it is good that it hopes the quantity that make water is jumped over greatly more, such is helpful for that reduce cost of water of system of unit, contractible the quantity that buy water and the difference that make water, reduce the loss that make water; But this result brought about rate of caustic of leakage tubal a network to increase, engineering department place is not willing to see this. Similar project department hopes quantity of carry out water has been jumped over greatly more, because this is helpful for lowering rate of caustic of leakage tubal a network, but the volume that carry out water measures and of business branch copy watch, water in time to expend the problem such as derate relevant, virtually of this pair of business branches also forms the pressure on the job. Accordingly, these 3 index are worth mutual and diversionary influence, the connection that interior of a few enterprises manages is very clear the ground is reflected between this formula.
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